Ferguson…What Happens Next ?

How did you react to the Ferguson verdict? Were you stunned? Were you angry?  I wasn’t even a little surprised. The whole thing, from the biased grand jury proceedings to the non-indictment to the angry reaction just seemed so inevitable and so depressing. You just knew the fix was in and Officer Wilson was going […]

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Portraits in Progress

Lately I’ve been focusing my efforts on two paintings. The first one is the one I call “Golden Lady” for now. This image has become an experiment in painting realistic African American skin tone, something I’ve done in the past with limited success. But the only way to learn is to do. As we know […]

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Andres Serrano Piss Christ

25 Controversial Art Pieces

Controversial art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Throughout history artists have pushed boundaries of all kinds in subject matter, materials and expression. To me art is anything that requires skill while expressing deep thoughts and feelings or strong opinion. This definition covers everything from Rembrandt to your first grade finger painting, […]

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"Honey "by Michael Owens

Deviant Art, also known as “dA” has been around since 2000. After 14 years the site is still not recognized as a legitimate place for professional artists to hang out. Even though it’s loaded with useful features for art marketing, dA is not considered to be an avenue for mainstream art sales and promotion. Luckily, I […]

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