3 Responses to Black Rushmore.. Who Belongs?

  1. Tony Schram December 20, 2015 at 3:38 am #

    I certainly cannot disagree with any person on your list and I am not sure who I would take off to put on the person who I would put up there. However, I would put Jack Johnson on any Black Mount Rushmore. There are very few people I admire more than Jack Johnson. He was and is the most mentally tough athlete and person that I have ever come across. He was the original Ali but in 1908. He was confident, arrogant and cocky at a time when it was very dangerous to be that way. He openly dated white women at a time when even looking at a white woman could get an African American man killed. When white fighters refused to fight him, he would chase them around the world and taunt them until they agreed to do. He would taunt them in the ring in front of an all white crowd that were spewing racist insults at him. The venom and hatred directed towards him never seemed to bother him. He actually seemed to thrive on that hatred.He was also a great boxer. He was incredible. The truth is I wish I were like him and be able to be that mentally tough, but that is not my personality. It is a shame that in many ways, Jack Johnson has been forgotten.

    Just so you know, I am a white Jewish middle aged male who grew up in New Orleans and lives in Texas. My grandmother and great aunt were artists in New Orleans. In any event, Jack Johnson is a hero to me.

  2. Trezzure February 20, 2016 at 5:18 pm #

    I was just blocked off a sisters page because I spoke of how I kept it was wrong that she would put up a picture containing Obama included with Malcolm X Martin Luther King and Mandela I told her that although he was a black man and the black president and a powerful man he has not necessarily done anything for the continued civil rights movement on the contrary he is one of the ushers to the New World Order and almost clandestinely find the NWA which is the National Defense Authorization Act on January 1st New Years day. I wish I could have copy and pasted my replies so that I can place them in here she blocked me and now I’ve lost. Forever she spoke of how he was part of our history and how the white man has obliterated part of it that we can I get to but if you search deep enough you can find every single bit of our history and we can debunk all of the Miss that the white man has put out there such as that we were dumb stupid animals that they educated and put the fear of God into we were the first in everything the first and only original race the first people to have an organized alphabet the first original people to have an organized bureaucratic system of government the first people to have time at 7 and Sun Dial o’clock and also the first people who invented makeup in case people don’t know you jipped is on the continent of Africa Africa is considered mother land Africa is the beginning of everybody and everything the white man is but a mutant .They were the original slaves… the lighter you were the lower the caste.

  3. @TomDudd March 5, 2017 at 10:17 pm #

    Rosa Parks, had the spine to move a nation.

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